Schedel van Raaf barok decoratie

€ 26,50
Artikelnummer: 2024683

Raven schedel barok decoratie brokaathars die je altaar echt een unieke vibe geeft. De schedel is gemaakt van Resin/hout. 


Handgemaakt in hars en met de hand beschilderd

Costurero Real als leverancier

'El Costurero Real' is a fashion brand based in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired in nature and fairytales our designs combine beauty and handmade, in an unique and original way.
On 2008 Alassie, the main designer, opened a blog about costumes for Theatre, Opera or Cinema called 'El Costurero Real' (The Royal Taylor). That was the start for this beautiful adventure of creativity and fashion.

Today, we are a small team who sew, design and ship everything with care and love.

We are speciallist in fantasy costumes, and fairytale inspired fashion, creating our own fabrics with custom designs.