The Green Wiccan Herbal

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This beautiful, insightful compendium is the ultimate guide to herbal magic. Covering magical tools, growing and gathering herbs in the wild, and spell-casting, discover more than 50 enchanting herbs, fruits and flowers, including their elements, deities and magical and healing properties, along with spells, kitchen witchery and more. 


The first chapters detail herbal mythology and magical theory and tools, plus different types of magic (including black and white, using charm bags and long-term spells), and ways of working, either alone or as part of a coven. Next, discover how to grow and store magical herbs, and the importance of the moon phases when planting and harvesting them. The '52 Major Magical Herbs' chapter lists these herbs and their uses and includes the element they are associated with, what day/time is best for magic with them, plus a simple spell for each herb. This is followed by 'Other Foods and Their Magical Uses' which focuses on a variety of enchanted ingredients such as lemon, poppy seeds and flowers.

The spells section, arranged by theme, has spells for love and fertility to spells for prosperity, moving home, finding a job, friendship, health, wisdom and more.

Silja also explains how to go about writing your own herbal spells, along with magical correspondences on suitable timing, colours and crystals for specific herbs. You will also discover how to keep track of the spells you have performed and how to know if they have worked.


  • Taal Engels
  • Bindwijze Paperback
  • Oorspronkelijke releasedatum 01 september 2009
  • Aantal pagina's 190
  • Met illustraties
  • Hoofdauteur Silja
  • Tweede Illustrator Michael A. Hill